Images of Wyoming

and the West

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Absarokas - Cody Peak at Sunset
A collage of pictures of mountains in different colors.


My name is Dr. John Logan Allen, and I am a landscape photographer based in Laramie, Wyoming. I use photography as a visual medium to express how I see the world around me and share it with others.

My academic background in physical and cultural geography allows me to see both the “skin” and “bones” of landscapes—that is, the external parts of the landscape as created or shaped by human and other biological and atmospheric processes, and the internal structures produced by timeless geological and geophysical processes.

My photographs are all taken with digital cameras and processed with photo-editing software. I use full-frame cameras (the same sensor size as 35mm film cameras) and different lenses depending on my subject. Because I capture images at high altitudes (almost always 7000’ above sea level and higher), I also attach polarizing and/or neutral-density filters to my lenses to compensate for the bright light at higher elevations. Just as landscape photographers of the past processed an image numerous times in a darkroom before getting what they wanted their final image to look like, I process my images directly from the camera’s memory card, using Photoshop or other photo-editing software. This is necessary because the human eye is more than a thousand times more capable of seeing colors and details than is the camera’s sensor. This means that to get what my eye saw, or what I remember my eye seeing when I pushed the shutter button, processing the RAW image is necessary. “Photography” literally means “writing with light” and what you see in my work is as much an art form as painting. I hope you enjoy what you see. If you have comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy viewing!

The Beauty of Wyoming

I try to take my viewers on a journey to a world of Wyoming that is visually rich and inviting. My photography locations primarily include:

  • Absaroka Mountains
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Wind River Range
  • Medicine Bow Mountains

I also offer photography services in special locations as requested by my customers. Custom images can be captured in nearly every section of Wyoming and the adjacent mountain states of Montana and Colorado.

Tetons - Moulton Barn in sepia


My photographic style is based on the landscapes themselves. Most of my images are captured in the vibrant colors of nature. However, some landscapes and settings lend themselves to monochromes, including black-and-white, sepia tones, or other tones to suit a mood.